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De-fu Dong Lili Xu-hong Sun to Study And Implement The National Colleges And Universities Ideological And Political Work Conference Spirit theory Seminar And Marxism Theory Research Conference In Jiangsu Province
Date:2017-02-20   Hits:

To carry on in-depth study xi general secretary in ideological and political work conference of the nation's important speech spirit, on January 18, 2017, sponsored by the marxism theory research institute of jiangsu province, nanjing university of marxist social theory research center, nanjing university school of marxism to undertake the "study and implement the national ideological and political work conference spirit" theory seminar and marxist theory research association of jiangsu province conference was held in nanjing university. Our dean de-fu dong associate professor, professor, vice dean, professor li li, xu-hong sun was invited to attend.

From dozens of colleges and universities in the province, SheKeLian and SheYuan and party school related units, such as the ideological and political theory course teaching backbone teachers, experts and scholars, such as more than 70 people attended the meeting. Jiangsu province philosophy social sciences association, vice chairman xu shun, a professor of the marxist theory of jiangsu province institute professor Wang Xiaoxi to attend the seminar opening ceremony and delivered a speech. After the opening ceremony of the marxism theory research work report by the transition of jiangsu province, the new constitution vote and general meeting agenda, such as election, elected the new council, executive director, secretary, vice President and President, etc., nanjing university professor Hu Daping elected a new President, our professor de-fu dong was elected to the managing director.

Subsequently, professor yong-gui wang, of the academic report. Nanjing university professor lin-yuan liu Wang Xiaoxi professor ren ping, suzhou university, nanjing normal university professor, nanjing political college professor He Huaiyuan respectively made "the theory of socialism with Chinese characteristics of contemporary major issues", "xi jinping in governing ideology with the appearance of marxism of contemporary China, the academic responsibility and specification of marxist theory research", "xi jinping, general secretary of the national spirit of college ideological and political work conference speech interpretation" academic report four themes, including "marxism spirit", "China" and "academic responsibility" and the ideological and political work in colleges and universities are faced with the problem such as published original ideas. Afternoon, professor Yuan Jiu red of southeast university, nanjing normal university, suzhou university professor yong-gui wang letter weeks ismailov, nanjing information engineering university professor, nanjing university professor hensing m. production, professor yun-xia zhang jiangnan university, hohai university professor ming-li huang as xi general secretary's speech on national ideological and political work conference spirit and marxist theoretical research and the ideological and political work of combining the problems related to elucidate their opinions, communication place unit of ideological and political theory course teaching experience and methods, academic seminar hosted by nanjing political college professor Jiang Yanjun.

Finally, President prof Hu Daping summarized the harvest of this seminar, and the current research of marxism in the province of strong question consciousness, consciousness of ontology, the advantages of the strong sense of responsibility and mission to give full affirmation, called on all member and director members remain keen consciousness of academic perspective, closely with the upcoming party's 19 big concise research topics, there are more depth, influential and representative of marxist theory research.


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