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Marxism Institute For Winter Vacation
Date:2017-01-12   Hits:

Winter holiday is coming. In order to help students better understand the connotation of start-up, set up the correct start-up consciousness, at the same time, pass to retired teachers college students of campus love is energy, December 30, in the afternoon, the marxist school winter vacation social practice team came to some retired old teacher's home, carried out the "tutor said the start-up" campus love public welfare activities.

Activities are divided into two parts. The first part is to help the retired teachers to clean the indoor sanitation. In order in the coming year to old teachers build health and harmonious environment, everyone positive action. The weather is still cold, but the classmates all rolled up his sleeves cleaning addition, including corridor health, inside and out are carefully wipe very clean, fully display the students sense of responsibility and dedication. The second part is students and old teachers about family trait, house rules, such as family precepts story tete-a-tete. Students realize that harmony, warm, the rigorous Dan lay a good foundation for the children's growth., it is not a racquet head of a family trait, but by the joint efforts and insist on the condensation, each member in the family created. Old teachers encourage students, start from now, start from the side, starts from the minor matter, pay attention to the cultivation manners, cultivate elegant personality, lay a solid foundation for future development.

Micro love public welfare activities in a warm atmosphere. Old teachers strong start-up rules family precepts like magnetic field, deeply attracted college students mind, left a deep impression to students.


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